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Access control systems can be taken a step further with the integration of surveillance cameras

Access control allows you to add security and protection to your premises or building, ranging from single door control to a system that controls multiple doors. By managing access to any area inside or outside the building allows you to protect your property, your staff, and your visitors. We can assist you with the planning and installation of all your access control needs.


Biometric systems allow us to identify access to a facility with a higher degree of security.

These systems are based on different types of physical recognition such as fingerprints, hands, face, iris, and voice.  This allows to increase the security of access to the facilities by preventing attempts of theft, loss, or duplication of credentials.

Card readers

Proximity or card readers can be found in a wide variety of technologies, functions, styles, and colors.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems make it easy for you to manage access for your staff or guests to your company’s facilities or buildings of any size in a secure and easy-to-use way.  Staff and visitor access can access your facilities with one call from any location using a master station, an external station, and an electric lock, enabling the security of the people inside your premises.


In apartment buildings, tenants can give access to guests after a phone call from any location using a main station, an external station and an electric lock, or an external station at each door of the building and an internal station in each apartment.

At DZ Technology & Security, we work to provide our customers with a variety of intercoms that include audio and video or audio only solutions.

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